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  1. Women Screenwriters: An International Guide
  2. The Screenwriting of Jane Campion: Female-centered Stories, characters and perspectives

Screenplays must be yours, original and under 25 pages.

Advice To 22 Year Old Screenwriters - Wendy Kram

So let's see what you've got! The International Horror and Sci-fi Film Festival is looking for the best unproduced short film scripts out there in the horror and sci-fi genre. Screenplays must be yours, original, within the horror or sci-fi genre and under 25 pages.

So let's see what you can scare up! Creating powerful films and television programs with the spirit of diversity and inclusion within what we do. Our projects are entertaining, memorable, and impact our audiences in meaningful ways that are lasting. Our "Pictures" are Permanent At Pen and Scissors Productions we are storytellers. The pen writes the ideas while the scissor cuts everything together.

Women Screenwriters: An International Guide

We are passionate about sharing ideas for brands and companies through short films and adverts. What is also important to us is the relationship between us and you.

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An International Guide

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The Screenwriting of Jane Campion: Female-centered Stories, characters and perspectives

Velikovsky Cuba; Michelle Leigh Farrell Jamaica; Tanya Gail Davies Argentina; Linda Craig Brazil; Camila Malagolini Gama Chile; Carmen Sofia Brenes The editors and writers of this book have conducted impressive research and new synthesis that often results in discoveries about film writers who happen to be of female gender, and thus contributing greatly to cinema scholarship. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist.

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