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  1. The Extended Body
  2. The global metabolic transition: Regional patterns and trends of global material flows, 1950–2010
  4. Socio-Economic Metabolism
  5. Urban Metabolism Using Economic Input Output Analysis For The City Of Barcelona

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1. Introduction

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The Extended Body

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The global metabolic transition: Regional patterns and trends of global material flows, 1950–2010

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  • Non-Linear Elastic Deformations.
  • A Social Epistemology of Research Groups.
  • Statistical Analysis for Education and Psychology Researchers: Tools for researchers in education and psychology!

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Energy, 42, LIU, G. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 5, Social metabolism represents an extension of the metabolism concept from human bodies to the biophysical basis of society. Humans build and operate mines and farms, oil refineries and power stations, factories and infrastructure to supply the energy and material flows needed for the physical reproduction of a specific culture. In-use stocks, which comprise buildings, vehicles, appliances, infrastructure, etc. These stocks then provide service to people in form of shelter, transportation, or communication. Society and its metabolism together form an autopoietic system, a complex system that reproduces itself.

Neither culture nor social metabolism can reproduce themselves in isolation.

Socio-Economic Metabolism

Humans need food and shelter, which is delivered by social metabolism, and the latter needs humans to operate it. Studies of social metabolism can be carried out at different levels of system aggregation, see material flow analysis.

In material flow accounting, for example, the inputs and outputs of materials and energy of a particular state or region, as well as imports and exports , are analysed. Such studies are facilitated by the ease of access to information about commercial transactions. Social or socioeconomic metabolism stipulates that human society and its interaction with Nature form a complex self-reproducing system, and it can therefore be seen as paradigm for studying the biophysical basis of human societies under the aspect of self-reproduction.

The use of social or socioeconomic metabolism as paradigm can help to justify alternative economic concepts.

Urban Metabolism Using Economic Input Output Analysis For The City Of Barcelona

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Part of a series on Ecological economics. Man's economic system viewed as a subsystem of the global environment.

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