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Ten years in the making… from my heart: The Alabaster Girl

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The Alabaster Girl Reviews

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The writing is erudite and you will many times find yourself looking into a dictionary to figure out all the words that are used to describe the beautiful trysts of the narrator and his muses. If you didn't know, a 'tryst' is a romantic rendezvous between lovers. I found it annoying and trite at first, but later on I realized the book probably would not have worked well without this type of language. I feel that I'm to see the narrator as this pure soul searching for 'Beauty' in life, finding it through women and expressing his content and bliss to those women and thus spreading and creating more 'Beauty'.

Without the elaborate language the message might be interpreted to be a baser one. You would see the narrator as a creep and not a lover of beauty, life and women, and you would have a harder time finishing the book; it would not flow as easily as it does in its current form. Only then has his life been lived. These poetics paint a dreamy and imaginary landscape that the narrator inhabits.

It's persuasive. You will find it hard to not wish for yourself for scenarios such as the above one. Nearly every interaction that the author describes he has had with women has this kind of ethereal quality. Throughout the central part of the book, you'll hear a number of his stories through which the narrator will give you pointers on what makes him a lover of women and various recollections of what has worked for him.

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They give me women. They bring other women into my life. It is the essence of their lover-ness.

This is the secret of a man who loves women: his touch is always imbued with respect, honor, and empathy. We squander our childhood gifts: our sense of wonder, of adventure, of learning, of curiosity.

I could tell you the truth about me... but to seduce you, I will tell you the truth about you

The message was similar to what you can find in many self-help books, but it's delivery method that was very good and the points strong and appealing. Leading all the way to this chapter we know the narrator deeply believes in finding and going towards 'Beauty'; he's spent all his life finding and engaging with it in the form of women. He's so loved that at one point one of his girls organizes a birthday party for him and invites twelve of his past girlfriends with their current boyfriends. They are all merry, and the narrator reminisces of all the beauty everyone here brings to his life.

It's hard to read that and then not take his self-help advice more seriously than other books that are laundry lists of motivational quotations and things you should do. I read that and think 'This guy has lived his philosophy'. I ask only one question: Which path will give me the best memories? Recommended to Krzysztof by: Nobody - I was waiting for it. There was Chao Sin then Cleopatra, after that the time for Casanova and few like him have come.

Every century have its own.

The Alabaster Girl

Casanova , as a tribute for the mysterious Jennifer but If you are looking for some answers fo There was Chao Sin then Cleopatra, after that the time for Casanova and few like him have come. Casanova , as a tribute for the mysterious Jennifer but If you are looking for some answers for your love life - you sure as hell will find more than you can expect in this pages.

This statement is true no matter if you are a girl or a guy. As you might see by now I am very positively inclined toward this book and towards Zan as a person and there are reasons for that. Actually for years now Zan is one and only person in the seduction circles who I could listen to without clenching my fist and getting angry and that is saying a lot.

What I mean by that: Zan in 10 pages in will prove you that you do not need to be a prick to attract super beautiful girls to your life and to have more of them than you can handle. You can have great self-confidence without a hint of arrogance and you will see the mind behind that. Well if you are a girl let me say this: according to my knowledge this is a book of a guy who is estimated of being with hundreds of women in his life, btw I believe this is huge underscore… So if you have seen Don Huan de Marco movie and you want more - this is chapter two.

Absolute must book for any free thinker who is currently walking on this Earth. I could write some more but then you would probably not read this review. Sincerely, C. Feb 06, Dusty rated it it was amazing. I ordered this book because someone strongly recommended it to me. I was skeptical that it would help me with my problems connecting with women, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

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I was blown away by the messages within the book and couldn't put it down. Since I ordered it back in November of , I've read it 3 times and am starting on my fourth read of it now. This book will be a book I read periodically throughout the rest of my life.

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It is that good! It's almost magical because every t I ordered this book because someone strongly recommended it to me. It's almost magical because every time I pick it up I read exactly what I need to read in that moment. If you are a man who is struggling to connect with women, get dates, etc.

Reading this book was a very cathartic experience for me because it shined a light on the total lack of love and joy I had in my heart. I realized that this was the reason i've been woman repellent my entire life. One of the biggest themes of the book is the "seducer seduced" meaning that the man seducer has to be seduced by women before he can ever hope to be charming and magnetic. I used to be a bitter guy who thought women were nasty, manipulative, and delighted in hurting men.

Basically, I was the opposite of a seducer. I had contempt for women and did not trust them. Is it any wonder my outer experiences with women were pretty crappy? This book changed all of that. I now actively seek beauty "and only beauty" and beauty is already starting to manifest in my life.


I would recommend this book to anyone as it completely changed my life and how I view women, love, and life in general. Please read this book! You wont regret it. If you want to learn about how to live excellently, read this book. If you're looking for techniques or routines, you'll be disappointed. Rather it's a celebration of why we love women; of why we as males should cherish all women.

The master seducer doesn't discriminate: his mission in life is to make every woman feel beautiful and special, with no energy wasted on what he'll get in return. What it means to love women - what that looks like for him - and how women then respond, is what takes up most of the book. He gives no advice.