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1.0 Introduction
  1. Police Sniper Training game
  2. TRAINING - Desert Tech Tomorrow's Weapon
  3. 'Don't come here unless you are prepared': U.S. Army Sniper School sets high bar for candidates
  4. What It Takes to Be a Good Sniper

Training Subjects. Sniper Training is provided by professional trainers with custom equipment and entrenching tools assigned specific to each trainee in the field, after providing the basic information in line with the simulated military operations carried out within the framework of the completed training programme, in order to get the trainees experienced and able.

Police Sniper Training game

Abilities to be gained after the training. The following skills of the trainees are improved by using various weapons, helicopter, boat, electronic simulation kit, first aid simulation kit, etc. The foregoing abilities and skills of the trainee are improved. The trainees successfully passing the tests and evaluations to be held at the end of the training, are awarded with a Sniper certificate, stating the completion of course his success status.

Training Period.

TRAINING - Desert Tech Tomorrow's Weapon

Sniper trainings comprise of a week programme, as theoretical training, simulation trainings and shooting tasks. Training Module Programmes introduction booklets However, it is also possible to extract the required proposals using this repository e. Running the following script trains a proposal network for a short cycle i.

In this case, the training can be started by calling the following command:. In any case, the default training settings can be overwritten by passing a configuration file see the configs folder for example configuration files. The path to the configuration file can be passed as an argument to the above script using the --cfg flag. It is also possible to set individual configuration key-values by passing --set as the last argument to the module followed by the desired key-values i.

Please note that the default config files have the same settings used to train the released models. Also, multi-processing is used to process the data.

'Don't come here unless you are prepared': U.S. Army Sniper School sets high bar for candidates

For smaller amounts of memory, you may need to reduce the number of processes and number of threads according to your system by setting TRAIN. This script downloads the model weights and extracts them into the expected directory. To evaluate these models on COCO test-dev with the default configuration, you can run the following script:. For the COCO dataset, this would produce a json file containing the detections on the test-dev by default which can be zipped and uploaded to the COCO evaluation server.

The default settings can be overwritten by passing the path to a configuration file with the --cfg flag See the configs folder for examples. Please note that the evaluation is performed in a multi-image per batch and parallel model forward setting.

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For evaluating a model trained with this repository, you can run the following script by passing the same configuration file used during the training. The test settings can be set by updating the TEST section of the configuration file See the configs folder for examples. This repo also contains the R-FCN-3k detector. Please switch to the R-FCN-3k branch for specific instructions.

This repo also contains modules to train on the open-images dataset. Please switch to the openimages2 branch for specific instructions. The SSH face detector would be added to this repository soon. In the meanwhile, you can use the code available at the original SSH repository. Skip to content.