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Therefore, pastoral care is an integral part of my teaching philosophy. I believe very strongly in supporting my students so that they can maximize their learning, whilst also being intellectually true to the subject matter. My aim is to be fully present to my students in my teaching through developing mindful and respectful relationships with them.


I use humour in order to lessen anxiety and because it is a natural part of my personality. I do this by being a guide choosing relevant material, teaching formats, assessment schemes, etc , commentator giving my expert analysis of the law and coach encouraging, motivating and caring for them. In conclusion, I try to teach in such a way that my students truly enjoy their learning, master the relevant legal content and associated skills and are enabled to make a valuable contribution to society.

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Guo and the Kaisa affiliates bought the position from companies controlled by the Hong Kong businessman Zheng Jianyuan, a longtime partner of the Wen family. A National Trust spokeswoman denies such a sale took place and says the privately held firm had no relationship to Kaisa.

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Kaisa may have also stepped into a political minefield by acquiring land in the city of Chengdu with a company partly controlled by the relatives of the former Politburo member Zhou Yongkang. A group of Communist Party officials who worked with Mr. Zhou were arrested, while business executives who were in partnerships with his family have also been detained or imprisoned. One of the shops is a Chaoshan-style restaurant that cooks food from Mr. But Kaisa took control of Sinopec Tower in a controversial deal, tainted by bribery and corruption.

Sinopec Tower was originally developed by a Chinese businessman named Zhong Hua in the early s. He called it Zhongcheng Plaza. But in , as the complex was nearing completion, work was halted by a court order. The court case dragged on for years, and the project languished. In , a proposed sale fell apart when the buyer was accused of fraud. That is when Kaisa stepped in. Kaisa kept the other tower and shopping mall, valuing those three years later, in its I. It was an extremely profitable investment.

The judicial official, Yang Xiancai, was arrested on corruption charges. At his trial, Mr. Guo, for help acquiring Zhongcheng Plaza.

The Kaisa Bandwagon

Yang is now serving a life sentence. During the trial, Mr. Guo confessed to making the bribe payment, according to the court verdict. He escaped punishment. In a recent interview, Mr.

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Zhong, the original developer of the site, said that the judicial officer, Mr. Yang, had pressured him to sell at a below-market price. Zhong said about Mr. Guo, who both grew up in the Chaoshan area. While he refused to go along, the court approved the sale to Kaisa anyway.

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Zhong said he never received a penny. Neither Kaisa nor Mr. Guo ever publicly commented on the case or discussed it in regulatory filings. But it was no secret. In , accounts of the trial, and the battle for control of what became known as the Sinopec Tower, were published in major Chinese publications. It did not register outside China. None of them reached out to Mr. See All Customer Reviews.

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Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Equity, the body of law developed in the English Court of Chancery, has a long and distinguished history. In the twenty-first century it continues to be an important regulator of both commercial and personal dealings, as well as informing statutory regulation. Although much equitable doctrine is settled, there remain some intractable problems that bedevil lawyers across jurisdictions. The essays in this collection employ new historical, comparative and theoretical perspectives to cast light on these fault lines in equitable doctrine and methodology.

Leading scholars and practitioners from England, Australia and New Zealand examine such contentious topics as personal and proprietary liability for breaches of equitable duties including fiduciary duties , the creation of non-express trusts, equitable rights in insolvency, the fiduciary 'self dealing' rule, clogs on the equity of redemption, the distribution of assets on family breakdown, and the suitability of unjust enrichment analysis.

The authors address specific doctrinal questions as well as the 'meta' issues of organisation and methodology, and their findings will be of value to academics and practitioners alike. Table of Contents 1. Average Review. Write a Review.

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