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What is large for gestational age (LGA)?
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Data were checked for accuracy. Twenty-three trials involving women and their babies were included in the update of this review. Ten trials assessed intravenous oxytocin; 12 trials assessed prostaglandins six trials in the form of vaginal prostaglandin E2 and six as oral , sublingual or vaginal misoprostol ; and one trial each assessed Caulophyllum and acupuncture.

Overall, three trials were judged to be at low risk of bias , while the other 20 were at unclear or high risk of bias.

No clear differences between the planned early birth and expectant management groups were seen for the risk of caesarean section average RR 0. Secondary outcomes: women who had a planned early birth were at a reduced risk of chorioamnionitis average RR 0. Women in the planned early birth group were more likely to have their labour induced average RR 3.

Women who had a planned early birth had a shorter length of hospitalisation MD Women in the planned early birth group had more positive experiences compared with women in the expectant management group. No clear differences between groups were observed for endometritis; postpartum pyrexia; postpartum antibiotic usage; caesarean for fetal distress; operative vaginal birth; uterine rupture; epidural analgesia ; postpartum haemorrhage; adverse effects ; cord prolapse; stillbirth; neonatal mortality ; pneumonia; Apgar score less than seven at five minutes; use of mechanical ventilation ; or abnormality on cerebral ultrasound no events.

None of the trials reported on breastfeeding; postnatal depression; gestational age at birth; meningitis; respiratory distress syndrome; necrotising enterocolitis; neonatal encephalopathy; or disability at childhood follow-up. In subgroup analyses, there were no clear patterns of differential effects for method of induction , parity, use of maternal antibiotic prophylaxis , or digital vaginal examination.

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Results of the sensitivity analyses based on trial quality were consistent with those of the main analysis , except for definite or probable early-onset neonatal sepsis where no clear difference was observed. Is it better for a baby to be born immediately or to wait for labour to start spontaneously when waters break at or after 37 weeks? What is the issue?

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Why is this important? What evidence did we find? Authors' conclusions:. Search strategy:. Selection criteria:.

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Data collection and analysis:. Main results:. You may also be interested in: Is it better for the baby to be born immediately or wait for labour to start if the waters break without contractions before 37 weeks of pregnancy? Is it safer to deliver a baby immediately or wait if the mother has high blood pressure after 34 weeks of pregnancy that is not persistently severe? Early birth compared with waiting for birth in babies who are thought to be coping poorly towards the end of pregnancy Monoamniotic twins sharing the same amniotic sac : do they do better if born early?


Treatments for improving outcomes for mother and baby when the waters have broken too early. Health topics:. Such a record can also be a wonderful gift for your child when she's older, notes Carista Luminare-Rosen, Ph. Laura Kimpton, a mother in Sonoma Valley, California, filled a journal with favorite quotes, week-by-week photos of her growing belly, notes on the highlights of her pregnancy, and even an in vitro photograph of her daughter, Kiley.

Your mood -- reflected in such physical signs as your heart rate, hormonal levels, and breathing pattern -- influences your baby-to-be. Just sitting quietly or focusing on your breathing is a way to de-stress and connect. Marcey Bergman, a Chicago mother of three, believes her youngest was such an easy baby partly because she was put on bed rest for her final month of pregnancy.

Christiane Northrup, M. Take time out to reflect on the person growing inside you.

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Luminare-Rosen says. Reprinted with permission from the February issue of Parents magazine. Bonding with Baby-to-Be. By Diane Goldner.

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Pin FB ellipsis More. Creating a Connection Weeks before her due date , Laura Hendrix already felt close to her daughter. Popular in Preparing for Baby.

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